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Initiative for Implementation within Humanitarian Cooperation

Дата: 27 мая 2020 в 11:39, Обновлено 27 мая 2020 в 11:39
Автор: Сура Н. М.


for Implementation within Humanitarian Cooperation

Educational Institution: State Educational Institution"Volkovysk Regional Center for Correctionand Development Training and Rehabilitation" ("Volkovysk district TsKROiR")

Project topic: “Greenhouse for Equal Opportunities”

The goal of the project: social rehabilitation and promotion of independence ofthe children with severe multiple physical and (or) mental disorders who study at the educational institution,by introducing occupational therapy elements through greenhouse activities; facilitation of inclusive culture in society

The Objectives of the project:

- to contribute to the correction of impaired functions in children with severe multiple physical and (or) mental disorders in the process of occupational therapy, the development and strengthening of general and finemotor skills, as well as sensory systems of the body, motor functions of the upper and lower extremities;

- to develop work skills;

- to provide increase in motor activity;

- to promoteleisure activities and contribute to psycho-emotional development of children with severe multiple physical and (or) mental disorders;

- to facilitate knowledge on the possibilities and methods of working with this category of children among the pedagogical community of the district, region, republic;

- to create conditions for demonstrating the success of children with severe multiple physical and (or) mental disordersand fostering tolerant attitude towards them in society.

Responsible person for the implementation of the humanitarian project: Valentina CheslavovnaSlashchinina, the principle of the state educational institution “Volkovysk Regional Centre for Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation”, contact phone: 8 (01512) 67731, +375 (29) 8828737

The main target group for the implementation of this project arethe  students of the centre aged from 8to 18 years old. The direct participants of the project are the teaching staff of the educational establishment, as well as volunteering students of the senior classes of general secondary schools and secondary specialized educational institutions ofVolkovysk district.

Project profile:

Children with severe multiple physical and (or) mental disorders are the most complex and vulnerable group of children with special needs, who require a non-standard approach andthe use of special methods in the process of their rehabilitation, socialization, and integration into society.

The objectives of social rehabilitation of children with special developmental needscan not be achieved without children being involved in workactivities. In this case, occupational therapy is to support the rehabilitation process, bring it to a higher level, and allow to overcome the negative consequences of the existing developmental disorders successfully. It is known that it is notthe medical treatment, but light interesting work that helps such children to restore their motor functions and develop their work and self-help skills. And what is more important,looking after the plants makes such  children see the results of theirown work and realize their being useful to the society they live in. Work activity is an important tool for cognitive development of “special” children since it enables them to understand important connections, dependencies, relationships and stimulates their mental activity. According to psychologists and physicians, working on the ground helps such children to become more attentive to those around them, more friendly and even-tempered.This projectis expected to focus on the capabilities of the children with special needs rather than on their disabilities.

In the course of the project, the students are to develop elementary skills necessary in the process of working in the greenhouse: tillage, seed planting,seedlings growing, caring for plants. The construction of the greenhouse is to be adapted for children with reduced mobility. Since the greenhouse is planned to be equipped with ramps, wide aisles and partially high flower and vegetable beds,it is likely to be of easy access for wheelchair users.

This project suggests attracting volunteers to accompany and assist the students of the centre in greenhouse activities. Today, the role of the volunteer movement is becoming increasingly important for the social development of society. Volunteering contributes to self-realization and self-improvement, provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience, as well as gives the opportunity to acknowledge personal social importance and significance. Volunteering helps ordinary young people to understand and experience everyday problems of their peers, to realize that everyone is an individual, regardless of the degree of their mental and physical development.

Media coverage on volunteer activities, demonstration of the success of children with special developmental needs are to foster tolerance and facilitate inclusive culture in society.

Project implementation activities:

- purchase and installation of a greenhouse with equipped ramps, wide aisles and high beds (to provide easy access for children with reduced mobility);

- purchase of consumables (soil, seeds, seedlings, etc.);

- acquisition of gardening tools and equipment suitable for sensory and motor impairments found in children with severe multiple physical and / or mental disorders;

- attract volunteers of senior classes of general secondary education establishments and secondary specialized educational establishments in order to accompany and assist students with special needs while working in the greenhouse (introducing the volunteer group with the specifics of working with children with severe physical and / or mental disorders); organize interaction of the volunteer group with children;  schedule visit hours for the volunteer group of the educational institution;

-  share work experience on opportunities and methods of work with children with severe multiple physical and(or) mental disorders with the educational community (publication of booklets, brochures and other printed materials).


Principle of SEI "Volkovysk district TsKROiR"        V.Ch. Slashchynina

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